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The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald -- still a mystery?

It was November 10, 1975, that the legendary ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald went down in stormy Lake Superior with all hands on board, so swiftly that no one had time to cry out for help. Its mystery still haunts in Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures (check out books at right). Illustrated

Wham! A huge storm catches a small craft with microbursts estimated at 134 mph, leaving the solo boater with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and no help in sight. Read this extraordinary small craft sailing adventure in Wake of the Green Storm. Also read the author's analysis of how he outfitted his craft for survival . Click on Wake of the Green Storm on the right.

Here's a hold-your-breath mystery that is inspired by the real-life race Vendee Globe. Dead on the Wind (check out books at right) has lots of sailing action and is set in ports such as San Diego, New York, and Sydney. If you like fast-paced literature aboard boats on the oceans of the world, you will have a good experience with this novel. Already the critical reviews are great.

On November 6, 2016, a very special ocean race -- the world's toughest -- will take place out of France: The Vendee Globe - but minus one of its most skilled solo sailors. Broken Seashas the true account of Mike Plantís last adventure on the North Atlantic and the details of his mysterious disappearance at sea.

Boat Log & Record

Marlin Bree's Boat Log & Record (Revised and enlarged FOURTH EDITION) is a wonderful way to keep track of everything on your boat, from maintenance you want to do to records of your fun voyages. It's a book that grew out of the author's own cruising needs and that he used on all his trips. It's a great way to maintain your boat, keep your important records and numbers (like your insurance company) and your GPS coordinates on hand. Try it. (For fall haulout and decommissioning checklists and procedures, click on the title of the book at the right.)

Boating stuff galore! Are you laying up your boat for the season? Check out a special checklist from Marlin's Boat Log and Record (4th edition). Just click on Boat Log and Record on the right. It's free.

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