The storm hits the Fitzgerald and forces her on the Northern Trek. (see blog)

Shipwreck ahead! The storm grows worse as the Edmund Fitzgerald pushes ahead on the northern track. The author's Blog is part of the author's quest to retrace the track of the Edmund Fitzgerald and some of the places it had been on Superior. It offers a mariner's new look at an old mystery. Click on Blog

Danger sometimes rides the compass.

Storms are not infrequent on Lake Superior.

At anchor, the author aboard his Persistence enjoys a Superior moonlit night.

Psst, buddy! Ya want a boat of your own? A real little one--just for fun?Then gaze admiringly at the toy paper boat that Marlin has developed on the Boat Tips page. the design is from his book, Kid's Travel Fun Book, and yes, it really sails.


Fall layup or storage? Use the downloadable and free fall layup checklist in this updated version of the Boat Log & Record This all - in - one boat record and logbook with engine maintenance record helps a boater to maintain in one place a season -to - season working record of a boat and its needs. It's the largest and most complete boat log and record for amateur boaters ever published. Includes special Emergency section dealing with transmitting a Mayday Message and how to deal with Man overboard. Plus other ways to boat safely and have more fun on the water. Free checklist here for fall layups or storage.
Fiction: A boater gets caught up in a daring around-the-world sailboat race ---and finds murder! "Full of remarkable characters and daring feats."--Cruising World.
Here are masterful tales of seafaring on the world's largest freshwater lake, including the last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Join Marlin Bree in his solo voyages -- including a storm that gives Superior the reputation as being one of the world's most dangerous bodies of water.
A catamaran sails at midnight and is hit by a surprise storm along the Shipwreck coast. At the helm, the author fights for control and he and the crew search for the entryway off the lake. Exciting adventure. In a special chapter, as he sails near the sunken vessel, he takes a new look at the last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald. If you like rugged adventures and are intrigued by Lake Superior's legends, history and folklore, here's a special book that will fascinate and sometimes surprise you.
Boating, great maritime adventures, storms at sea, maritime tales and survivals
Why did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink? Find yourself in the big freighter's wheelhouse as the Superior storm is at its worst. Or, find yourself aboard a leaky old wooden boat heading out into Lake Superior as an ice storm descends in a race to find a missing friend. Or, dive into murky waters to discover a mysterious old schooner sitting on the bottom still intact. A storm hits! Now come aboard a 10-foot home-built plywood sailboat trying to make it across the stormy South Pacific. Join the author aboard his sailboat trying to survive the storm of the century, with 134 mph. downbursts. Here are seven true tales of maritime adventure and survival from the waters of the world to stir the blood and fire the imagination--all told with a mariner's insight! And more. With illustrations, charts. Now the winner of seven writing awards!
Nonfiction: Excerpts & pix!
Roaring out of nowhere, a huge storm tore onto Lake Superior and catches a lone sailor and his small wooden boat in a wall of wind. Join Marlin Bree in the cockpit of his small sailboat as he fights to save his boat. The author goes on to complete a special voyage along the picturesque north shore of Lake Superior. A classic boating tale. "Equals any oceanic adventure." -- San Diego Log
Fiction: Lots of cartoons & laughs!
Okay, gang: let's face it: our boating world is funny sometimes. It's filled with good hearted people and a lot of other folks ranging from full-of-it skippers and too-party-hardy crew members. Here's a handy book you can keep on the old chart table to let you have a laugh at everything from the marine head to nautical terminology. Not for everyone, but you know who you are. Ho. Ho.
On June 1, 1979, Gerry pointed the bow of his tiny boat east and set sail out of Chesapeake Bay to cross the treacherous North Atlantic. He had hoped he had designed and built the smallest practical-sized sailboat capable of surviving on the open seas -- 10 feet long. Fifty four days later, after battling raging storms, physical pain, loneliness and islolation, sleeplessness and the never-ending racking of the ocean, Gerry pulled into the English port of Falmouth--the smallest craft to make that astonishing ocean crossing.

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Big boating adventures and incredible survivals! Plus boat tips and boat lore.

Glowing in the sunset under its 10-coats of marine varnish, Persistence tugs playfully at her anchor. For more pix and details click on Das Boot (the boat). Persistence is the centerboard sloop that is featured in Marlin Bree's books, In the Teeth of the Northeaster, Call of the North Wind, Wake of the Green Storm, and Broken Seas. Note: Double click on the pix to see it full frame.

Get your boat ready for fall layup with a free three-page downloadable Checklist on Marlin Bree's Boat Log & Record. This is a great way to keep track of everything on your boat, from maintenance you want to do to keeping records of your voyages. It's a book that grew out of the author's own cruising needs and became the one indispensable information source that he used on all his cruises. With the help of the Boat Log and Record, you can keep an engine record, maintenance issues year to year, keep important records and numbers (like your insurance company and your agent's telephone number or e-mail address ) and your all-important GPS coordinates on hand. A handy cruising log has prompts to let you keep a consistent record of your day-by-day trips, speed, headings and GPS waypoints. For more details, click on Boat Log & Record at the right of this page. This book is the largest and most complete boat log and record for serious boaters ever published. Be certain to check out the Emergency Procedures section. Don't leave the dock without it!

There's nothing like a morning latte onboard a 20-foot sloop. Here's the author's special lashup that he uses daily when cruising Lake Superior in his 20-foot sloop.

It was November 10, 1975, that the legendary ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald went down in stormy Lake Superior with all hands on board, so swiftly that no one had time to cry out for help. Its mystery still haunts in Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures (check out books at right). What happened? The author is on the track of the mystery and comes up with some answers. Illustrated

Wham! A huge storm catches a small craft with microbursts estimated at 134 mph, leaving the solo boater with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and no help in sight. Read this extraordinary small craft sailing adventure in Wake of the Green Storm. Also read the author's analysis of how he outfitted his craft for survival . Click on Wake of the Green Storm on the right.

Here's a hold-your-breath mystery that is inspired by the real-life race Vendee Globe. Dead on the Wind (check out books at right) has lots of sailing action and is set in ports such as San Diego, New York, and Sydney. If you like fast-paced literature aboard boats on the oceans of the world, you will have a good experience with this novel. Already the critical reviews are great.

Boating stuff galore! Are you laying up your boat for the season? Check out a special checklist from Marlin's Boat Log and Record (4th edition). Just click on Boat Log and Record on the right. It's free.

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