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Boating adventures, boat tips and boat lore --   great boating reading from an award-winning boater

Glowing in the sunset under its 10-coats of marine varnish, Persistence tugs playfully at her anchor. For more pix and details click on Das Boot (the boat). Persistence is the centerboard sloop that is featured in Marlin Bree's books, In the Teeth of the Northeaster, Call of the North Wind, Wake of the Green Storm, and Broken Seas. Note: Double click on the pix to see it full frame.

There's nothing like a morning latte onboard a 20-foot sloop. Here's the author's special lashup that he uses daily when cruising Lake Superior in his 20-foot sloop. Details inside. 




Get your boat ready for layup with a free three-page downloadable Checklist from Marlin Bree's Boat Log & Record. This is a great way to keep track of everything on your boat, from maintenance you want to do to keeping records of your voyages. It's a book that grew out of the author's own cruising needs and became the one indispensable information source that he used on all his cruises. With the help of the Boat Log and Record, you can keep an engine record, maintenance issues year to year, keep important records and numbers (like your insurance company and your agent's telephone number or e-mail address ) and your all-important GPS coordinates on hand. A handy cruising log has prompts to let you keep a consistent record of your day-by-day trips, speed, headings and GPS waypoints. For more details, click on Boat Log & Record at the right of this page. This book is the largest and most complete boat log and record for serious boaters ever published. Be certain to check out the Emergency Procedures section. Don't leave the dock without it!

A good cover can be versatile, with a hatch opening so you can see out. Or get ventilation below. 

Marlin Bree relaxes after a Boating Writers International meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at a boat show. He was awarded the Grand Prize writing award -- the highest award BWI can bestow upon a writeer.