The sky was turning an ominous blue black, Between bursts of static, the VHF radio already had called out a hurried, "Security, security.

On my port side, Spar Island was a low, wind-swept piece of rocky desolation. No refuge there.

To starboard were the notorious open waters of Lake Superior.

"Mayday! Mayday!" A new call boomed from the radio. Somewhere north of me, a boat had capsized. People were struggling in the water.

The first drops of rain pelted down, heavy and cold. From out of nowhere, something unholy grabbed my mast and shook my whole boat beneath it.

A heavy, continuous blast slammed into us -- a solid wall of wind. The boat skittered along the waves, faster and faster.

With a sudden jolt, the boat slewed sideways in the water, tipped partly upright, and stopped. I was thrown on my side, a pain circling through my ribs. Above me the starboard portlight turned a vivid green.

It was underwater.

The boat lay helpless, beam to the wind -- the most dangerous position. The steering no longer worked; the engine racketed insanely, its prop out of the water.

The wind bulked up behind the hull and Persistence canted further to one side.

We were turning over, slowly, oh, so slowly.

I braced myself.

This is it! We're going over!

* * *
This prologue and illustration are excerpted from Wake of the Green Storm: A survivor's tale, by Marlin Bree. Copyright 2001


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Broken Seas

True tales of incredible maritime adventures involving the Edmund Fitzgerald, Yankee Girl, Persistence, Alvin Clark, Coyote and the unnamed boat of Helmer Aakvik.

Here are some of Marlin Bree's boating books that you've been hearing about as well as some of his children's books.

Marlin Bree is an ex-newsman turned author and has written nonfiction books about the North Atlantic and Lake Superior. He built his own boat.

Alone Against the Atlantic

Ocean crossing of 10-foot sailboat

Magic tricks especially for kids and the educational secrets behind each trick. Tricks are fully illustrated .

Here's a wonderful book with step-by-step illustrations especially designed by an educator for children to learn about and do easy magic tricks using everyday things. Teachers sometimes use this in the classroom. It's a book that has repeatedly been on the best-seller list.

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In addition to the nautical books he's most famous for, Marlin Bree has developed some kid's books with his late wife, Loris, a speech and language clinician. These have been very popular.

*Kid's Magic Secrets: Simple magic tricks & why they work. (Loris Bree and Marlin Bree). A fun magic book for kids. This book was used as a set prop in the Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis movie, "Friends with Benefits." It also has consistently been rated as a #1 category Best Seller at The tricks are easy to do, well explained with step-by-step illustrations and use only everyday household objects (no fancy stages or expensive props and pretty much nothing to buy.)

*Kid's Travel Fun Book: Draw. Make Stuff. Play games. Have fun for Hours! This is a great take-along activity and fun book for kids when they go on trips with their adults. Keeps them occupied for hours. (Loris and Marlin Bree)

Kid's Trip Diary This is the all-time Marlor Press best-selling kid's activity book that lets youngsters easily record their thoughts and fun times while traveling. Includes games, prompts, and travel humor.

My Camp Book Campers! Take along this handy book to journal day by day and to have fun with. Write down your camp adventures, humorous happenings, camp stories and songs, and especially get the names and e-mails of new camp friends. When you return, My Camp Book will be a forever place of your treasured memories.

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