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 Boating Books


Children's Books


Great boating books are available for your reading enjoyment. To check them out, click on the book title in the right hand column. Some have links to an Internet bookseller where there are excerpts and more details as well as the latest prices. Watch for discounts. 

Boat Log & Record

Free Spring Commissioning Checklist. See why the Boat Log & Record has become the perfect small craft record keeper for boating, expenses and maintenance.  

Boat Log & Record

Broken Seas

True tales of incredible maritime adventures involving the Edmund Fitzgerald, Yankee Girl, Persistence, Alvin Clark, Coyote and the unnamed boat of Helmer Aakvik.

Dead on the Wind

Fiction: A boater gets caught up in a daring around-the-world sailboat race ---and finds murder! "Full of remarkable characters and daring feats."--Cruising World.

Amazing gulls

Here's a remarkable insight and photography on the sailor's waterfront friends: the gulls. 

Alone Against the Atlantic

Ocean crossing of 10-foot sailboat

Children's Books

When you've got children aboard, here's a great way to keep them entertained. They can have their own children's books! Let them hunker down in the cockpit and work out their own Kid's Trip Diary and  Kid's Travel Fun books. Also good is the Kid's magic Secrets with magic tricks kids can do using ordinary objects (a string, a piece of paper, etc.) onboard your boat. These books also are good to help children get more involved in their trips and keep a memento of it. Fun stuff. Click on image to see more more about the book on an Internet book seller. 

Magic tricks especially for kids and the educational secrets behind each trick. Tricks are fully illustrated .

Here's a wonderful book with step-by-step illustrations especially designed by an educator for children to learn about and do easy magic tricks using everyday things. Teachers sometimes use this in the classroom. It's a book that has repeatedly been on the best-seller list.

Children's books


In addition to the nautical books he's most famous for, Marlin Bree has developed some kid's books with his late wife, Loris, a speech and language clinician. These have been very popular.


*Kid's Magic Secrets: Simple magic tricks & why they work. (Loris Bree and Marlin Bree). A fun magic book for kids. This book was used as a set prop in the Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis movie, "Friends with Benefits." It also has consistently been rated as a #1 category Best Seller at The tricks are easy to do, well explained with step-by-step illustrations and use only everyday household objects (no fancy stages or expensive props and pretty much nothing to buy.)


*Kid's Travel Fun Book: Draw. Make Stuff. Play games. Have fun for Hours! This is a great take-along activity and fun book for kids when they go on trips with their adults. Keeps them occupied for hours. (Loris and Marlin Bree)


Kid's Trip Diary This is the all-time Marlor Press best-selling kid's activity book that lets youngsters easily record their thoughts and fun times while traveling. Includes games, prompts, and travel humor.


My Camp Book Campers! Take along this handy book to journal day by day and to have fun with. Write down your camp adventures, humorous happenings, camp stories and songs, and especially get the names and e-mails of new camp friends. When you return, My Camp Book will be a forever place of your treasured memories.


Ordering Books


Most Marlin Bree books are available both as quality trade paperbacks and e-books. If bookstores are temporarily out of stock or sold out, you can request that the bookstore order a copy for you. Some Marlin Bree books also feature the "look inside the book" feature so that you can read sample selections. More sample selections can be found on this home site of the author, including magazine excerpt versions of longer book chapters. Marlin Bree books are published by Marlor Press, Inc., and are distributed to the book trade and others by Independent Publishers Group (IPG) in Chicago, Illinois, and Gazelle Books in the United Kingdom. Other distributors handle Marlin Bree Books in Canada and in Australia. For a distributor, click on the Connections (top) on this website.


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