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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Dead on the Wind: A new thriller

It's finally out. The new novel that was inspired by the around-the-world sailboat dardevils that sail alone while racing each other. Action aplenty -- especially when things start going wrong. And on a sailboat, what doesn't?
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Where do books come from, Daddy?

Every now and then, people ask me where I get my ideas for my books. Mostly I write about things that actually happened that I know about. In the case of my first novel, Dead on the Wind, I had to take the great leap into the world of the imagination. However, I did have some real-world experience in events that actually happened. Check out the explanation in Dead on the Wind. It's a novel experience. (pardon). Read More 
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New adventure book underway: Dead on the Wind

I am now working on a new novel called Dead on the Wind. It's a blast to imagineer a work of fiction, as opposed to writing a book of nonfiction, such as Wake of the Green Storm. More details to follow on this exciting new work.
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Boat Log & Record Changes

The other day, I saw that a sailor who gets a new Boat Log & Record yearly wrote on that she objected to the binding on the 4th edition. I'm very sorry. We now have what is known as a Perfect Binding, which is what most books have. This replaces our Wire O  Read More 
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Sailors Among Us

How nice to read a talented writer's look at one's own adventures-- and life. I'm referring to Heather Steinberger's article, Sailors Among Us, about me in the September 2012 issue of Sailing Magazine. It's a three-page article with color photos and talks about my adventures on Lake Superior, encounters with the Green Storm and the  Read More 
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Hard-learned thoughts on boat repair

If you don't have time to do it right, then when are you going to have time to fix it?
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Author's adventure on Island of Doom

Onboard Persistence, the author sailed past the Island of Doom and met a new adventure.
Escape from the Island of Doom won a third place editorial award in Boating Writers Interntional's 2010 writing contest. This article that appeared in the Spring Ensign magazine was excerpted from a chapter that originally appeared in my book, Wake of the Green Storm: A Survivor's Tale.
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Thanks for a seafarer down under

A fellow solo sailor by the name of Ged -- he's to be praised. Thanks to him, we've gotten some new insights into sailors and seagulls -- and that'll be in the new book, Amazing Gulls: Acrobats of the Sky and the Sea. Thanks, Ged.
We do appreciate you and the spirit of mariners  Read More 
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Some concepts to remember about boatbuilding

A boat builder or boat repairer usually does two things in a hurry: making mistakes and then fixing them.
---from the Dangerous Book for Boaters
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Time and tide -- reconsidered

When it looks like everything is coming your way, maybe you're in the wrong lane.
--Dangerous Book for Boaters
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