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21 awe-inspiring adventures from the wild waters of the world



"His is an endless fascination with this wonderful, even magical body of water. The tales he tells are filled with this profound respect for Lake Superior, the tragedies and the human will to survive are finely woven through this masterfully written and researched book."  Horst Vollman


"Marlin Bree is a bold storyteller -- one might say brash --- who creates excitement in his sea tales. This collection of 21 adventures will keep you page-turning..."--Konnie LeMay, Lake Superior magazine 

On the bottom, the hulk of the Fitzgerald lies at rest after plunging nearly 500 feet. Of interest is the Fitz's open door which is locked against the wheelhouse side with its large wheelhouse door handle in the upright position (see the handle to the left of the large door portlight)  Did a member of the crew survive the plunge, force open the door, dog it in place and exit Superior's dark depths? Read the intense account in Bold Sea Stories'  The Last Hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. 

Praise for

Bold Sea Stories


"I glanced below just in time to see a slop of water shooting up through the open centerboard trunk.

A chill settled in my stomach. Persistence had entered Superior's open waters and already I was having problems."


That's experienced sailor Marlin Bree recalling a harrowing time on his 20-foot, homemade wooden sailboat off Lake Superior's north shore. It's one of the 21 adventures in his book "Bold Sea Stories" (Marlor Press, $14.99). The articles have won 23 awards and honors, including two Grand Prize awards for writing from Boating Writers International.

   Bree, who co-authored the boating bestseller "Alone Against the Atlantic" with Minnesotan Gerry Spiess, takes his readers sailing on various seas. There's Helmer Aakvik, who fought a storm on Lake Superior and became a legend. He writes of the Viking replica Hjemkomst, which "braved Superior, crossed the Great Lakes, and made it to the Big Apple. And here the voyage began to go wrong." When the ore boat S.S. Daniel J. Morrell was torn apart, did the only survivor live because he saw the spirits of his deceased shipmates?

Bree keeps the tension high as he describes navigating through incredible waves, ice storms, and unfamiliar waters. Each of these stories is based on the author's experiences or interviews. ---Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press



"Brave and true. Award-winning journalist Marlin Bree brings a mariner's insight to 21 stories that will keep you turning pages. The stories are written in Bree's style, which means you can't put down the story until it's finished. ...All the stories capture the drama and inspiration of dealing with challenges on the water. Each of these excellent stories can be read in under an hour, making this enjoyable book perfect for readers with time constraints. --Dave Osmolski, The Ensign 


"...from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific, as well as upon (and in the dark depths) of the world's biggest inland ocean, Lake Superior, the book shares 21 true-life tales of storms, shipwrecks and doomed crews fighting incredible challenges...." —Duluth News Tribune

"Tales of great adventure have been packaged into Bold Sea Stories. He has a knack for writing about the legends and lore of the world's wildest waters." —Boating Writers International

"Knowing his are true stories, you let him draw you in and you find out why he had to share them. Marlin's curiosity draws him into situations with people and ships few have experienced. You know you are fortunate to witness moments in time that can not come again." ---Clare Wyngaard, Woodbridge, VA"

"You can feel the cold, sense the shape of the waves, and see the texture of the wood. Marlin has a pictorially vivid writing style. He speaks directly to you. You are there." —David Turley

"Wicked Waters. New from nautical author Marlin Bree is Bold Sea Stories, which contains 21 true-life accounts of storms, shipwrecks, and other high-seas adventures from waters around the globe. The stories provide an adrenaline surge while being an inspirational look into human nature when the chips are down. Whether it's facing a storm on open Lake Superior, crossing the Pacific Ocean in a 10-foot homemade boat, or surviving 100-knot winds in a small sailboat, Bree presents the stories in a way that is easy to understand for readers with varying levels of nautical know-how." —Soundings


The courage of the Sole Survivor is the remarkable survival tale of a seaman who fought to stay alive on an ice-coated open life raft from the sinking of his ore boat, the S.S. Daniel J. Morrell. The Bold Sea Chapter is fashioned out of the award-winning magazine article by the author published in The Ensign magazine. 

The doomed Edmund Fitzgerald faces its last hours in this remarkable documentation of the Big Fitz's sinking. Bold Sea Stories traces the theories afloat to explain why the big ore carrier sank. 

Persistence is the 20-foot wood veneer - epoxy boat that the author crafted in his home over a seven-year period, tested in nearby White Bear Lake and then trailered it up to Adventureland -- mighty Lake Superior. Alone, he and his boat sailed into sailing's best-kept secret: the North Shore of Lake Superior and into the strange and beautiful World's Largest Freshwater Conservation Area. His adventures and those of some of the hardy North Woods sailors he met are chronicled in Bold Sea Stories.  

The Life Savers of Superior were the forerunners of today's Coast Guard. They went out in the worst weather that Superior could toss their way in summer and winter. Waves often swept on board and freezing spray would coat them. They were the heroes of the surf and you will agree after reading Bold Sea Stories' Warriors of the Storm.