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21 Awe-Inspiring Adventures

Cruising alone on Lake Superior as he collects tales for Bold Sea Stories, the author is greeted by a special welcoming committee, the gulls. 

The courage of the Sole Survivor is the remarkable survival tale of a seaman who fought to stay alive on an ice-coated open life raft from the sinking of his ore boat, the S.S. Daniel J. Morrell. The Bold Sea Chapter is fashioned out of the award-winning magazine article by the author published in The Ensign magazine. 

The doomed Edmund Fitzgerald faces its last hours in this remarkable documentation of the Big Fitz's sinking. Bold Sea Stories traces the theories afloat to explain why the big ore carrier sank. 

The Fitzgerald now lies in two sections at the bottom of Lake Superior. The Fitz's bow had dug in, never to rise again, and the entire ore carrier began a descent into the blackness at about 30 mph until it smashed at an angle into the bottom mud, then jolted back up again. Inch thick steel twisted and ruptured in the Fitzgerald's hull. 

The Life Savers of Superior were the forerunners of today's Coast Guard. They went out in the worst weather that Superior could toss their way in summer and winter. Waves often swept on board and freezing spray would coat them. They were the heroes of the surf and you will agree after reading Bold Sea Stories' Warriors of the Storm.

Marlin Bree in Persistence's hatchway.

About the Author: As he sailed through some of the waters of the world, and in particular his native sailing grounds of Lake Superior, Marlin Bree became fascinated with the sea stories he heard. The author is an award-winning marine journalist and the only two-time winner of Boating Writers International's Grand Prize. He's a former magazine editor of the Minneapois Tribune, a past president of the Minnesota Press club, and a contributor to such magazines as Cruising World, DIY Boat Owner, the Ensign, Lake Superior magazine, and Good Old Boat as well as Northern Breezes. He is the author of numerous boating books including In the Teeth of the Northeaster, Wake of the Green Storm, Call of the North Wind and Broken Seas. He built his own sailboat, the remarkable 20-foot wood veneer and epoxy centerboard sloop, Persistence. He and his family live in Shoreview, Minnesota.

A remarkable sight: the wheelhouse door is dogged open, suggesting that a crew member survived the long dive to 500 feet and opened the door. Not far away, on the bottom mud, a body was photographed, face down. It's possible that a crew member made it out only to have his personal flotation device collapse at the depth. It was an incredible feat of survival, but a doomed attempt.