The Vendee Globe racers are the inspiration for Dead on the Wind. That's a 60-foot sloop at play.

At anchor, Persistence rocks gently as author Marlin Bree leans out over the mast crutch. The boat and author have been most places on Lake Superior.

At the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Marlin Bree takes a rest beside some of the big boats featured at the world's biggest boat show. He was at this international boating event to pick up a Boating Writer's International Grand Prize -- for writing about small boat adventures.

Persistence is towed behind the 1992 Suzuki Sidekick. Here Loris and I are on are way to Grand Portage, MN, along Superior's north shore.I'll be sailing Superior's northernmost arc, where I encountered the near fatal "storm of the century." This adventure became Wake of the Green Storm.

Fiction: A boater gets caught up in a daring around-the-world sailboat race ---and finds murder! "Full of remarkable characters and daring feats."--Cruising World.
A new and updated version of the Boat Log & Record is now available for amateur boaters to keep track of voyages and to maintain a permanent record of their vessel. It's the largest and most complete boat log and record for amateur boaters ever published. Includes special Emergency section dealing with transmittng a Mayday Message and how to deal with Man overboard.
Here are masterful tales of seafaring on the world's largest freshwater lake, including the last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Join Marlin Bree in his solo voyages -- including a storm that gives Superior the reputation as being one of the world's most dangerous bodies of water.
A catamaran sails at midnight and is hit by a surprise storm along the Shipwreck coast. At the helm, the author fights for control and he and the crew search for the entryway off the lake. Exciting adventure. In a special chapter, as he sails near the sunken vessel, he takes a new look at the last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald. If you like rugged adventures and are intrigued by Lake Superior's legends, history and folklore, here's a special book that will fascinate and sometimes surprise you.
Nonfiction to stir the blood and fire the imagination: Excerpts here!
True tales of adventure and survival, all told with a mariner's insight! Go into murky waters with divers to discover a mysterious old schooner; come aboard the cockpit of a 10-foot home-built plywood sailboat setting sail across the stormy South Pacific; investigate a noted singlehander's tragedy aboard his racing boat; and find out why the Edmund Fitzgerald really sank. Now the winner of seven writing awards.!
Nonfiction: Excerpts & pix!
Roaring out of nowhere, a huge storm tore onto Lake Superior and catches a lone sailor and his small wooden boat in a wall of wind. Join Marlin Bree in the cockpit of his small sailboat as he fights to save his boat. The author goes on to complete a special voyage along the picturesque north shore of Lake Superior. A classic boating tale. "Equals any oceanic adventure." -- San Diego Log
Fiction: Lots of cartoons & laughs!
Okay, gang: let's face it: our boating world is funny sometimes. It's filled with good hearted people and a lot of other folks ranging from full-of-it skippers and too-party-hardy crew members. Here's a handy book you can keep on the old chart table to let you have a laugh at everything from the marine head to nautical terminology. Not for everyone, but you know who you are. Ho. Ho.
On June 1, 1979, Gerry pointed the bow of his tiny boat east and set sail out of Chesapeake Bay to cross the treacherous North Atlantic. He had hoped he had designed and built the smallest practical-sized sailboat capable of surviving on the open seas -- 10 feet long. Fifty four days later, after battling raging storms, physical pain, loneliness and islolation, sleeplessness and the never-ending racking of the ocean, Gerry pulled into the English port of Falmouth--the smallest craft to make that astonishing ocean crossing.

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The last voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald

August 23, 2017

Tags: Edmund Fitzgerald, shipwrecks, Lake Superior, storms, high waves, loss of life

Up north, the big lake is freshening with a sense of urgency that fall is approaching. Go out beyond the breakwaters and you know you have a force of nature beneath you. Careful, mariner! The countdown is beginning now for the annual observance of the last voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I know something (more…)

Old friends stop by from the Pacific

June 6, 2017

Tags: Ocean mariner visits solo sailor

It was great to hear the hearty voice of Capt. Jules Nickerson on the phone and in short order we got togther to share old memories. We are old buddies from our early scuba diving days in Duluth on Lake Superior, but then the good captain spent many of his years as an ocean (more…)

Around the World race sets new record

January 24, 2017

Tags: Marlin Bree's novel Dead on the Wind is inspired by Vendee Globe Race

Imagine yourself alone aboard a jolting 60-foot sailboat encountering the world's roughest patches of water and racing unassisted and nonstop around the world. Icebergs ahead. Storms. Danger. The Vendee Globe Race just ended and it's the incredible race on which Marlin Bree's novel Dead on the Wind is based. Click in right hand column on Dead on the Wind. You might want to check this one out.

Sunken ships

December 19, 2016

Tags: The Edmund Fitzgerald's Secrets come to life

These days while I am recovering from recent surgery, I have been out and about talking about some of my discoveries leading to my books. Last Friday, I spoke at the Downtowner organization in that fine old rivertown, St. Paul, on the Last Hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald, to an overflow crowd. It was (more…)

No room for a little boat?

November 2, 2016

Tags: Minnesota state fairgrounds runs out of space, they say

After storing my Persistence indoors at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for about 20 years, I find this year that the space filled up so quickly I was left out. Today I got back my deposit check and their regrets. So I have to leave a wooden boat out all winteer? Bummer.

Island of Doom Encounter

October 12, 2016

Tags: Marlin Bree and sailboat Persistence find peculiar goings on as they sail past Canada's notorious Island of Doom on Lake Superior.

For a pre-Halloween chills, take a gander at my story Curse of the Island of Doom in this month's (Nov -Dec. 2016 ) issue of Small Craft Advisor. When my sloop Persistence and I sailed past this Lake Superior rock, scary things started to happen. Check out www. (more…)

Winterizing the engine?

September 16, 2016

Tags: Engine layup and storage procedures

If you're about to haul your boat for the winter, be certain to pay attention to the needs of your engine, whether it's an outboard or inboard, if you want it to start next spring and run reliably through the next boating season. Here's a free checklist in the Boat Log & Record (click on (more…)

boat fall haulouts and storage

September 6, 2016

Tags: boating fall layup checklists

It's that time for many who have to haul their boats and get them ready for winter storage. You can use a checklist such as my Boat Log and Record. You can see this section by clicking on Boat Log & Record on the right. It's free.

Another link to San Diego blog

June 28, 2016

Tags: Boating humor & life in the fast lane in San Diego

You can reach the wonderful allthings here.

More boating humor -- boat names

June 27, 2016

Tags: boat humor, dangerous boat humor

From a fellow sailor in San Diego comes a terrific website devoted to lightening the waterfront with a little humor. If you're looking for a new boat name, or just enjoy what other sailors come up with, check out: