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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Storm over Superior

I felt a cold breeze on my right cheek. As I turned my face to determine its direction, the wind seemed to grow into intensity. "Damn," I swore. Out of the mist a howling gale sprang up and aboard Persistence, I was caught again, this time close to a lee shore. The savage winds  Read More 
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Superior's chill waters

The harbor fog misted about as I entered Persistence's cockpit. It was cold and dark where I lay berthed in Two Harbors, but I still remember one story of the diver Bill Burke. I had asked, "Isn't there a ship lying out near where I'm berthed?" Bill nodded and said told me it was  Read More 
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boat out of storage

It's time to start planning ahead. Persistence has been stored indoors all winter and next week we'll be towing it home. Time to get to my Boat Log & Record and review my spring launch checklist. Okay, got tire inflator compressor, got spare trailer tire, got jack and lug wrench. Check towing rig. Tire inflation OK on vehicle?  Read More 
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