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G R E A T  



"A collection of gripping seafaring tales from a veteran newspaper journalist." --- Wooden Boat

 "An adrenaline surge." --- Soundings


Inside 20-foot long Persistence, the Author has a writing desk and a "nav" station. He writes many of his book chapters and magazine articles while his boat is at anchor, a "particularly restful time." The author is seated on his forward V bunk. To his left is the ultralight's centerboard trunk, on which is mounted one of the small craft's four compasses. Radios shown are the Ham Band radio, VHF (in white), and AM-FM radio.  His favorite personal book is Wake of the Green Storm (green cover, beside telegraph key). Note "ring frame" which ties in boat portside, cabin side, cabin top, mast support (with light) and centerboard trunk. 





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*Bold Sea Stories

 *Wake of the Green Storm

*Alone Against the Atlantic and

*In the Teeth of the Northeaster

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Enthralling nonfiction stories to whisk you away to a watery world and let you share adventures---via your armchair. 




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*DAS BOOT: See photos of Marlin's hand-built wood veneer boat, Persistence. Includes building details, step-by-step layup, and diagrams. Includes an explanation of this boat's fight in a 123 mph. storm on Lake Superior. 


BOAT TIPS:  See boat-building techniques, tips, and innovations. You might find a surprise or two you can use.  


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 Free: Plans for a toy paper boat for kids. Sail them. Race them. Ho. Ho. Click on BOAT TIPS.


Plus: more award-winning

boating adventures!


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"Brave and True." --The Ensign


"Marlin Bree brings a mariner's insight to 21 stories that will keep you turning pages. The stories are written in Bree's Style, which means you can't put the story down until it's finished. All the stories capture the drama and inspiration of dealing with challenges on the Water."

--Dave Olmolsky, The Ensign