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 t o  G R E A T  BOATING


     A D V E N T U R E S !


Look out over big waters and wonder what's out there? Ah, but there really are tremendous happenings. Here are  21 stories of adventure and derring-do  -- to send shivers up your spine

Boat on the reefs! Danger ahead. Life Savers on the Shipwreck coast of Lake Superior row out in winter storms to rescue crews on boats that had gone onto the rocks. Their feats of courage and derring-do are incredible. Read Marlin Bree's tales of the iron men in open wooden boats in Bold Sea Stories.  

"Bold Sea Stories conjures up the smell of salt air and the touch of wind on your face. When You can't get out on the water, this book takes you there." 

---Yvonne Hill, United States Power Squadron





Escape from the Island of Doom

Ten feet across the Pacific: Yankee Girl's incredible adventures

The last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The courage of the sole survivor

Warriors of the storm

The longest night: an incredible silver mine and a strange storm

The lost schooner: the amazing tale of the Essex

The mystery ship from 19 fathoms

The old man and the inland Sea




And more great award-winning

boating adventures!


Author Marlin Bree aboard the cockpit of his hand-built sloop, Persistence, which has won awards and survived many adventures on the chill waters of Lake Superior. Read about the boat and its skipper in Bold Sea Stories, Wake of the Green Storm, In the Teeth of the Northeaster, Broken Seas, and Call of the North Wind. 
An ultralight craft constructed of Western Red Cedar wood veneers and epoxy glue, Persistence floats lightly on a freshwater lake.  The hand-built sloop is 20-feet long and 7 feet 4 inches wide, including the Sitka Spruce gunwales.  See photos and construction details in Das Boot