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 t o  G R E A T  




"...Bree expertly crafts his true tales about the world's wickedest waters, salt and fresh. He casts a spell with 21 stories of notorious storms, shipwrecks, and brave crews fighting incredible challenges---and usually winning. "

---The Nautical Mind


Inside Persistence, the Author has a writing desk and a "nav" station. He writes many of his book articles while his boat is at anchor, a "particularly restful time."




thrill to 





Ten feet across the Pacific:

Yankee Girl's incredible adventures

Gerry Spiess dares greatly in his plywood boat battling his way to Hawaii

---and a world sailing record.


The last hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Take a last ride with the doomed crew

and find out what they really experienced


The courage of the sole survivor

All around him on the icy raft his crewmates died

--- but he had a secret as he lay frozen to the life raft


Escape from the Island of Doom

A lone boater encounters mystery and danger

---but is he caught in this ancient legend?


Warriors of the storm

Rowers of the forerunner of the Coast Guard face daunting dangers

to rescue shipwrecked sailors in storms and ice 


The longest night: an incredible silver mine

---and a strange storm

Night. The wind came up slowly over the world's richest silver mine

and a lone boater gets the tempest's brunt


The lost schooner: the amazing tale of the Essex

An old sailing ship gets caught in the teeth of a storm


The mystery ship from 19 fathoms

Amateur SCUBA divers fight to raise a fully intact

150-year-old wooden schooner. Incredible adventure!


The old man and the inland Sea

He decided not to go out on the raging lake -- but a neighbor had not returned.

A Hemingwayesque nautical tale of heroism and determination.




Plus: more award-winning

boating adventures!