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How to contact Marlin Bree or get his books. New e-mail: marlinbree5@gmail.com

Marlin Bree can be reached at






The author usually checks his e-mail several times a day and generally will answer comments or questions on his books.


The author's bio and books are at his Author's Guild website:






Marlin Bree's books are published by Marlor Press in St. Paul, Minnesota. Address your inquiries to:


Marlor Press
4304 Brigadoon Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55126



Marlin Bree's books are distributed to the Book Trade by Independent Publishers Group, Chicago. (IPG)


Mailing address:


Independent Publishers Group
Order Department
814 North Franklin Street
Chicago, IL 60610


IPG's website is: www.ipgbook.com.



IPGs E-mail: orders@ipgbook.com


Marlin Bree's books can be obtained through IPG's distribution worldwide and are widely available in bookstores, shops and on the Internet. These are available in e-book, pdf's, and physical print.


E-books are available widely through Internet booksellers including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Com as well as other organizations that market e-books.



Internationally, Marlin Bree's books are available through IPG distribution to the trade by the following:


United Kingdom & Europe: Gazelle Book Services, England


Canada: Canadian Manda Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Overseas (general) Baker & Taylor International


Australia: John Reed Book Distribution, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia


New Zealand: Nationwide Book Distributors, Ltd., Oxford, New Zealand


Southern Africa: Blue Weaver Distribution, DF Capt Town, South Africa


Bermuda, Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, Mexico and U.S. Military bases: J.c. Carillo, Inc., Sante Fe, NM


China: China Publishers Marketing, Shanghai, China


Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand & Hong Kong: Shaik Mohammed Ariff, Fathima News Enterprise, Singapore


Singapore & Malaysia, Publishers Marketing Services Pte td., Singapore


India: Shroff Publishers & distributors Pvt. Ltd., Nai Mumbai, India


Philippines, Micronesia and Korea: Mind Mover Publishing House, Quezon City, Philippines


Japan: DIP, inc., Tokyo, Japan