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How to contact Marlin Bree or get his books. New e-mail: marlinbree5@gmail.com

In the hatch of his home-built wooden boat, author Marlin Bree pauses after a long day's sail. 

Marlin Bree can be reached at






The author usually checks his e-mail several times a day and generally will answer comments or questions on his books.


The author's bio and books are at his Author's Guild website:






Marlin Bree's books are published by Marlor Press in St. Paul, Minnesota. Address your inquiries to:


Marlor Press
4304 Brigadoon Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55126 -3100




 Marlin Bree's books are distributed by Marlor Press,

4304 Brigadoon Drive

Saint Paul, MN 55126 -3100