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 Marlin Bree's 

B O A T I N G 



Bold Sea Stories 2

True Boating Tales

of Adventure and Survival




Beautifully illustrated with more than 50 photos, illustrations, and charts, Bold Sea Stories 2 

is a collection of  26 startling, harrowing and authentic conemporary boating tales. Here are sea tales of extraordinary voyages, single-handed sailing feats, and great boats---some doomed to rest forever beneath the waves. The book brings an exciting tribute to courage and human endurance on the vast and dangerous waters of the world, from the North Atlantic to Lake Superior. 


Bold Sea Stories 2/ Book 2 in the Bold Sea Series Stories,/ Published by Marlor Press / 6 x 9 size / 224 pages/ nonfiction/ Only $16.99 paper / $6.99 Ebook.

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Bold Sea Stories

21 real-life boating stories---all writing award winners--- to lift your spirits, and make you resonate with joy, as well as, now and then, leave you with no dry eyes. "Brave and true: Marlin Bree brings a mariner's insight to 21 stories that will keep you turning pages. the stories are written in Bree's style, which means you can't put the story down until it's finished. All the stories capture the drama and insp8ration of dealing with challenges on the water." --The Ensign

Bold Sea Stories

Boat Log & Record

Free Spring commissioning Checklist and Guide. Good for two years.   Now is the time to plan your spring commissioning and also to do the work you want to do before spring. See why the Boat Log & Record has become the bible of small craft seamanship, boat maintenance, navigation, and expenses. An elegant book that does it all for your elegant boat.  o! 

Wake of the Green Storm

Come aboard the cockpit to voyage with author Marlin Bree on Lake Superior to explore the world's largest conservation area. Voyageurs, storms, reefs and even, an island of silver.  A great armchair adventure into the world of freshwater and tall pines and, now and then, a few storms. "A voyageur's tale of sailing solo, occasionally in dangerous dark seas, on Lake Superior. A lovingly written story."-- Baltimore Sun

<p class="from_wysiwyg" style="text-align: center;"><b>Wake of the Green Storm</b></p>

Alone Against the Atlantic

Ocean crossing of 10-foot sailboat

Bold Sea Stories 2 features 26 boating tales of survival and adventure. Here's the back cover.

Bold Sea Stories takes readers:


*Into the high ice of the Northwest Passage aboard Cloud Nine that is about to set a world record crossing.

*Into the cockpit of a 10-foot plywood boat Yankee Girl as Gerry Spiess attempts to cross the NOrth Atlantic and encounters a savage storm.

*Around the world in a 60-foot racer competing in the world's toughest sailboat race.

*And more!  Nonfiction at its boating best!



Most Marlin Bree books are available both as quality trade paperbacks and e-books. If bookstores are temporarily out of stock or sold out, you can request that the bookstore order a copy for you. Some Marlin Bree books also feature the "look inside the book" feature so that you can read sample selections. More sample selections can be found on this home site of the author, including magazine excerpt versions of longer book chapters. Marlin Bree books are published by Marlor Press, Inc., and are distributed to the book trade and others by Independent Publishers Group (IPG) in Chicago, Illinois, and Gazelle Books in the United Kingdom. Other distributors handle Marlin Bree Books in Canada and in Australia. For a distributor, click on the Connections (top) on this website.


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