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Boat Log & Record

 The practical all-in-one book every skipper needs to take care of a boat.

With Free Boat Winterizing Guide & Checklist.


Marlin Bree's Boat Log & Record is a great way to keep track of everything on your boat, from the spring pre-launch check of your craft to keeping day-by-day hard information about your boating trips. And when fall rolls around, there's a fall layup checklist for you --- good for several years. Now in its revised and enlarged fourth edition, the Boat Log & Record grew out of the author's own practical cruising needs and became an indispensable primary information source that he used extensively during all his sailing, whether for day sails or months' long cruises. It is many books in one: a get-ready-to splash checklist, a trip planner, a maintenance log, a to-do list, and especially, a daily log book. With the help of the Boat Log and Record, you can keep tabs on engine maintenance year-to-year, store important records and numbers (like your insurance company and your agent's telephone number and e-mail address ), and your all-important GPS coordinates. The cruising log has prompts to allow you to keep a consistent record of your day-by-day trips, speed, headings, and GPS waypoints. This book is the largest and most complete boat log and record for serious boaters ever published. It includes an Emergency Procedures section. This one central source of information can serve as a legal record and a wonderful memento of a cruising year. Don't leave the dock without it. Size 8 1/2 x 11 inches, four-color laminated cover, 186 pages. 

Here is the Contents page of the Boat Log & Record. Note how the book organizes boating information so that you have all the information in one central source.