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Whether in the cockpit of your boat or in the back seat of your car during a trip,

a children's travel and activity book can make travel both entertaining and fun.

Here are three great interactive Marlor Press children's travel books for children.


Kid's Trip Diary

 Kids! Write about your adventures. Have fun while you travel.

 "A journal, trip planner and activity book that's perfect for children

to plan for and record any trip." -- Winnipeg Sun

With easy to use interactive pages, kids can quietly spend many happy hours writing about their very own travel adventures. Not a blank book, this educator-developed travel diary is divided into three parts: before you go, your own personal journal, and what you want to remember. Now in its revised fifth ddition, the Kid's Trip Diary comes in a handy 6 x 9 inch size with a water-resistant laminated cover. It includes enough diary pages for up to six weeks of travel, draw-your-own-pictures, travel games, puzzles & amusements as well as a whopping 150 illustrations and cartoons; more than enough to spark any kid's imagination! Only $8.99.