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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Spiess makes it across

It was a pleasure to be asked by Small Craft Advisor magazine to answer a reader's request -- whatever happened to Gerry Spiess? I was able to write in the SCA Reader Mail (July-Aug 2009) that Gerry sailed his 10-foot Yankee Girl across the South Pacific averaging 65 NM a day (and often reeling off 100 NM in the trade winds) to arrive 7,800 miles later to a hero's welcome in Sydney, Australia -- the smallest craft at that time to ever cross the world's largest ocean. No, we never did another book together, like we did Alone Against the Atlantic. But I did a chapter on his crossing called Ten Feet Across the Pacific in my book, Broken Seas. It's a terrific chapter, by the way -- one of my favorites.
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