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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

New e-book reader program is fun!

I've been eyeing the rash of new e-book readers -- Amazon's Kindle and now B&N's Nook. My guess is that they'll both improve and come down in price as they evolve. In the meantime, I've downloaded B&N's e-book reading program for my computer and it gives me some idea of how these things work. Also it's free. It comes with a 102 page instruction book and this takes a while to get through. Right now I've downloaded and I am reading Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility. Hey! It's OK.

You can get a free B&N reader and some e-books plus the instruction book by going to Barnes&Noble.com. Look for the e-book store label on the front page. Go to the e-book store and click on free e-reader. You can get them for the PC, Mac or several other things you can see things in.
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