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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Last hours of the Big Fitz

Today is the day 33 years ago that the Edmund Fitzgerald -- the Titanic of the Great Lakes -- went down on Lake Superior with a loss of all hands. Over the years, I've compiled a mass of information on this great boat's sinking and interviewed some of the men who were out on the lake and in contact with the Fitgerald.

In my book, Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures, I sum it all up by recreating the last hours of the ship and its crew in my chapter, "The Last Race of the Edmund Fitzgerald: The crew of the 'Big Fitz' battle it out to the last."In a nutshell, the Fitz hit Six Fathom Shoals off Caribou Island and became a slowly sinking vessel. She sank only 17 miles from safety, Whitefish point.
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