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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Boat is at rest

Persistence is now hibernating at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the Education building and will remain there through the long, snowy months ahead. After a number of years of letting the 20-foot epoxy-wood sloop sit outside during the ice and snow, and witnessing the destruction that moisture can do to a wooden boat, I finally decided to store the boat indoors and away from all the snow and ice. The storage is not that expensive $225 and all I do is drop off the boat on her trailer and the State Fair people get their electric mules and haul the little craft into the safety of the indoor storage. Next spring, I'll get a message when the boat is coming out of storge and I'll just drive over -- it's about 20 minutes from my home in Shoreview, MN -- and hitch it up to the hitch on my 1992 Suzuki Sidekick.

In the meantime, I have offloaded the sails and the engine as well as other items that don't do so well in the outdoors. The 2-cycle 5 hp Nissan isn't cycling its water at all when I last ran the engine and so I am about to take it apart and look at the water impellor. Chances are, that's in need of repair. The engine is excellent and worthy of some high degree of maintenance. This is the same one that got me through the "Green Storm" (See the chapter, The Day All Hell Broke Loose, in my book: Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures.
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