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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

First hit! Wake has been Kindle-ized.

Wow. I was just mousing through Amazon.com's pages when I came across my book, Wake of the Green Storm: A Survor's Tale (Marlor Press, 2001). Not only does Amazon have a Look Inside the Book feature, but it also has snuck it onto its Kindle e-book. I'm delighted, because this is the first of my books to be Kindle-ized. The trade paperback sells for $13.95, but in Kindle format it goes for $9.95 (price set by Amazon). I'm wondering how the two-page drawings, charts and maps (I hate books without maps and such) will all turn out on Kindle format. Maybe I'll have to re-read this favorite of mine, even if I gotta pay for the Kindle version.
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