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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Battle of Woo wins First Place Award

My great armchair adventure, The Last Battle of the Grampa Woo, seems to have caught the fancy of BWI judges who presented this five-page Ensign presentation a First Place Award in the 2009 writing contest. I'm very pleased since this was my favorite story. I sailed out of the same harbor as the Woo and I voyaged along the same route of the stricken vessel on Superior ... I had the pleasure of extensively interviewing Captain Dana, sometimes even bugging him while I was writing the story when he was at the helm of his new boat, the Grampa Woo II. It was revealing, also, for me to be onboard the Thunder Bay tug, Glenada, and to see for myself the decks where so much of the icy action took place on that very dark and stormy night. Oh, don't get me started. But if any of this interests you, I've downloaded a PDF of the article from Ensign which you can read...see the Mags section. But get a good grip on your armchair as this adventure unwinds.
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