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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Joyce from Iowa Calls: The Legacy of the Old Fishing Guide.

"You made my winter," writes Joyce from West Point, Iowa. It turns out that she read my story, Legacy of the Old Fishing Guide, in an Ensign magazine. Joyce and her husband Harold Dahlgren, used to go out fishing with the old guide Ray Kenney, of Rossport, Ontario. I met him while I was in Rossport in my boat, Persistence. The Dahlgrens used to hire Capt. Kenney to take them fishing in the islands off Rossport. When the old fishing guide got too old, at age 91, they trailed their boat up from Iowa to take the old captain out and they continued to fish together. A heart warming story. I was there when they got together on their boat and headed out fishing. When the Ensign article came out, the old captain's daughter, Colleen, sent the Iowa couple a copy of the magazine. Today Joyce called me. "Your winter?" I asked, "not just your day?" A wonderful article, Joyce said. "You made my winter." It's nice to have such fine people reading your books and magazine articles. She made my winter, too.
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