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BREE'S BLOG: In The Wake of the Fitzgerald

Do e-books screw up sales of regular books?

Recently, my publisher authorized Amazon.Com to publish my Wake of the Green Storm: A Survivor's Tale in e-book for its Kindle. The cost for the book dropped accordingly: from $13.95 in trade paperback (plus shipping and handling fees) to $7.96 in Kindle (including free immediate electronic delivery). The Kindle also includes a speech recognition feature, which means you can turn on your Kindle and listen to the book as you sail or drive. This is a neat feature.

Some sailors feel strongly about "real" books and I am among them but I gotta say that the Kindle is neat. I can read it just fine and with it I can carry a bunch of books with me, since it stores a couple of thousand of them. The cost of the new books is low, low. I feel it doesn't really loose me any sales as an author but opens up a brand new market for the book, which I really appreciate. The kicker? Well, to get that $7.96 book you first got to get a $250 Kindle. What do you think about this deal?

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